CAP is here to build self-esteem, provide support and raise awareness. It’s that simple!

Thank you….We are so grateful for the incredible generosity of our supporters, both local and national. This little non-profit that started in my spare bedroom has grown into an international organization that helps children with alopecia around the world. Without the ongoing support from donors like you, we would not be where we are today, helping thousands of children through 45 support groups in 29 states and 5 countries, Regional CAP Kid Camps in California, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and of course our annual camp, Alopeciapalooza, which is attended by up to 500 people each year. And, yes, CAP Kids and their siblings under 5 are still free for every event, big and small.

Your donations spoke to us, and we were listening…..And what we heard was that you support us and what we do! You want to help get CAP Kids to Camp and other events, and once again we ask you to make a donation to the Children’s Alopecia Project and our Annual CAP Kid Appeal so we can continue helping CAP Kids

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that is not life threatening, but is life altering. It is not contagious. You can’t catch it and it does not hurt. It is almost like your body is allergic to hair, which causes it to fall out. That’s the good part of Alopecia. The bad part is being teased, made fun of, laughed at and ignored. Emotionally, it could be devastating. Luckily, because of your support, CAP is here!!

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