“Will my child lose all of her hair?”

So often, I am asked questions that I remember asking or wanting to ask someone who had a child with alopecia.  Through this blog, I hope to use my experience to help those with the same questions I once had.  If you have a question, please email betsy.woytovich@childrensalopeciaproject.org.  
I am wondering if/when we should expect total hair loss?  Once your daughter was diagnosed with AA, how much time did she have until she lost everything? My daughter is only 2 and just lost her first patch.
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 ~ Christie, Chalfont, PA
Maddie never had patchy hair loss. From the beginning, her hair line receded and her part grew wider and wider until she had what looked like male pattern baldness, with about 70% hair loss.  Then her hair all grew back, and she had one spot for a few months until, rapidly, it all fell out again the following year.
It is most important to realize that alopecia is a very unpredictable disease and that each and every case is different from the next.  I tried to find patterns and things to figure out what would happen next, but I now have spoken to hundreds of people with alopecia who each have a different story to tell of their diagnosis or their child’s diagnosis.
If your daughter has only lost one small patch of hair, I would not assume the worst.  I know it’s hard, but try to be patient and hopeful as you wait to see what happens next.  What we try to teach our CAP families is that with or without hair, with your support, your daughter can live a very full life.  Hair loss doesn’t make her future any less promising!!
~ Betsy, Executive Director, CAP

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