On Sunday March 4, 2012 at Chelo’s Waterfront Restaurant One Masthead Dr, Warwick, RI
the Koehler’s, their family and friends held a fundraiser to help support the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP). CAP is the only non-profit organization building self-esteem and confidence in children diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. There were amazing silent auction items and many exciting raffle prizes for both children and adults. Event also included Chelo’s famous food, live entertainment provided by Wayz and Means, cash bar and fun with friends.

300+ people attended and helped raise just under $14,000!!!

Thank you to all the attendees and of course the Koehler Family CAP Fundraiser Committee:
Melanie Koehler (co-chair) – Barbara Caswell (co-chair) and Craig Koehler, Janice Anderson, Jonathan Koehler, Kim Anderson, Tracey Morel & Carla Priebe.

Laurel’s Story…In October of 2010 Laurel was an 8 year old in third grade without a care in the world when her hair started falling out. Within a short period of time she had lost all her body hair and about 50 percent of the hair on her head. After doctors appointments, bloodwork and specialists we heard the words that changed our lives, “She has Alopecia Areata”. Laurel isn’t sick, contagious or in physical pain. She has an incurable autoimmune disorder that makes her suddenly lose her hair. With the help of the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP), her Boston CAP Kids support group and attending CAP’s Alopeciapalooza camp in Ohio this summer Laurel’s outlook has changed. She has gone from being embarrassed to go to school, covering her head with hats, afraid of anyone knowing she has large bald spots to a child who is willing to talk about her disorder with confidence. Does she still have bad days? Of course, that is the unpredictable nature of Alopecia Areata. You never know when you will lose your hair or if it will grow back.

The Children’s Alopecia Project is devoted to raising awareness about alopecia, building self-esteem in children living with the life-altering hair loss disease, and it provides support for them and their families. CAP programs include support groups, Alopeciapalooza summer camp, CAP Kid Meetings, CAP Kid Library Program, CAP Kid Connections and CAP Kid Corresponders Program, and many other events and activities for CAP Kids and their families. Through the launch of their award-winning website with chats for parents and teens as well as educational resources and a directory of over 1,000 children with alopecia and a Facebook page with 7000+ members, CAP is also connecting families across the country and throughout the world. Visit their website at www.childrensalopeciaproject.org.

Original music composed and performed by Jeff Woytovich/Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.


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