ALOPECIAPALOOZA 2009 is almost here!

Hello everyone.

Just a reminder to anyone thinking of attending Alopeciapalooza.

I wanted to describe why Alopeciapalooza is different then NAAF’s convention. Key word is different, not better or worse of course!

Alopeciapalooza is a conference brought to you by the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP) aimed at empowering children with alopecia while providing support for their families. As parents of a child with alopecia, we understand your desire to find a solution or formula to grow hair on your child’s heads. While this solution is unavailable at this time, Alopeciapalooza provides a change of focus from snake oil, growing hair or hiding heads, to growing confidence.

Through team-building and self-esteem building workshops and activities for different age groups, Alopeciapalooza will focus on your child’s sense of self and ensure that your CAP Kid has the tools to live his or her best life.

In addition, your child will meet other children and adults who have grown up with alopecia. They will form lasting friendships and know that there are people they can lean on who understand what it is like to live without hair.

All of the children in attendance will have something for them, it is not a weekend babysitting session. For kids 3 and under we will have a sitting service but we have a schedule (not together) for parents, boy teens/tweens (10+), girl teens/tweens (10+), kids 4-9, and the often forgotten but just as important, siblings.We are hoping for a great turn out for our first attempt at this, so far, so good but you still have an opportunity to attend. Below are some of our presenters and speakers.

Georgia Van Cuylenburg –

Christine Cieplinski –

Ryan Galardi – Professional adult male with Alopecia.

With introductions by Jerry Moyer, Producer of FIGHT The Movie and Jim Reece,Owner of The People Academy.

To check out the schedule for ALOPECIAPALOOZA check out the below link


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