Snake Oil and Alopecia

I often sound harsh when dealing with “alopecia cures.” I don’t mean to sound harsh, I really don’t but it upsets me that people will slap together a bunch of natural ingredients and call it a treatment or cure. I have been bald going on 25 years and have tried many things “proven” to work, none have, ever! Now for the last 7 years I have seen everything from prescription solutions to over the counter, to expensive holistic treatments, all proven and all “real.” Guess what, none of them work. Since alopecia is so unpredictable you think it is what you are using that is growing hair until it falls out again, you try a new thing and find success, only to be disappointed and the search is on again.

CAP’s medical director, Dr. Jeffrey Miller says it best. “If the treatment is worst than the disease, stop it.” It is that simple because alopecia does not hurt, will no make you poor and no one is dying!

When there is a treatment that works or a cure it will be front page news! Every organization dealing with hair will be jumping on the bandwagon with every doctor ready with pen so to get it to their patients! Guess what, I would even be the pied piper of whatever that treatment or cure is!!

The fact is simple. Alopecia is an incurable autoimmune disease. It is like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Juvenile Diabetes, MS, Crohns Disease, Vitaligo, Lupus, and over 80 other classification of autoimmune disease. In fact, there is now a proven genetic connection that was just discovered in 2010 that really proves that snake oil will not treat or cure this.

What works? Self-esteem, Support and Awareness. That’s it! You need to get through the stages of loss and get to acceptance, when you are there the only thing that will help your child is self-esteem, support and awareness.

Do I sound harsh at times? Maybe, but I have never asked anyone to give me money because of a cure, I think my child and your child is perfect just the way they are. When a treatment or cure comes out, I am sure my daughter will want to be part of it, until then, she is perfect!!

Remember, “It’s not my CAP, it’s our CAP and we all wear it!”

Jeff Woytovich, Founder
Children’s Alopecia Project
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