Children’s Alopecia Project, INC.

906 Penn Avenue 1st Floor
Wyomissing, PA 19610
Phone (610) 468-1011
E-mail: Karen Jozwiak, Office Administrator at

Devoted specifically to children living with all forms of alopecia.

Our Mission:

  • To help any child in need who is living with hair loss due to all forms of Alopecia.

We do so by:

  • Changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence
  • Building self-esteem in children living with alopecia
  • Providing support for them and their families
  • Raising awareness about the life-altering disease


Do you or someone in your family need help in dealing with this Alopecia journey?

This is Jeff Woytovich, Founder of the Children’s Alopecia Project. When my daughter, Maddie, started to lose all of her hair in 2003 my wife and I didn’t have anyone to talk with and help us off the ledge. We started a support group and found the importance of speaking with other parents and seeing the kids bond together and not feel alone. In August of 2004, the Children’s Alopecia Project was born and it was the beginning of being there for all families dealing with alopecia through all of our programs. If you need more, if you or your child are going through a rough patch and there is a concern for your emotional health or for the emotional health of your child and or children, let us help you off the ledge. We have fantastic mentors, advocates, CAP Kid alumni, and parents of CAP Kids, past and present on board and we will have them reach out to you. We have over 150 volunteers from around the United States willing and ready to help. I can’t say that everything will always work out the way you would like it to, but I know it will never work out the way you want it to if you don’t reach out. CAP is Changing the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence, building self-esteem, providing support, and raising awareness of all forms of alopecia. Reach out at,

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