Thank you for your interest in fundraising for CAP. Below are a few fundraising ideas.

Crazy CAP Day

A fun and easy fundraiser that you could do at your school is Crazy CAP Day. Through Crazy CAP Day, students and faculty pay a dollar or two to wear a crazy hat to school. This is a great way to raise money for CAP as well as awareness about alopecia areata. Here are 9 steps to follow to have Crazy CAP Day at your school:

  1. Obtain approval from the Home and School Association or PTA and Principal and determine the price that students and faculty will pay to wear a hat to school.
  2. Place a notice in the school newsletter telling parents about CAP, Crazy CAP Day, and asking for their support.
  3. Send flyer out to each parent about the day listing the price, information about CAP and the date of Crazy CAP Day
  4. Post a flyer on the Home and School Association or PTA board.
  5. Make posters to display throughout the school.
  6. Set up signs and samples of crazy hats.
  7. Create thank you book-markers to give out to each student with a piece of candy.
  8. Notify local newspapers to do a story about the day. This will be great publicity for your school and for CAP.
  9. Call Jeff at 610-468-1011 for any help.


Thank you for supporting the Children’s Alopecia Project by organizing a 5K race! Here are some steps to take to help you hold your race.

  1. Determine the location for your race and set a date. Make sure you get the required permits from the township.
  2. Next step is to set up the registration website at a site like:, This by far is the most detailed part of organizing your race. If you have any questions during your setup, please contact me at
  3. Order Bibs and safety pins (Free at
  4. If you are a facebook member you can create an event page to market your event. Make sure to include the link to register that you saved on your computer after your Races2Run setup.
  5. Hang up the flyer anywhere and everywhere runners may see it.
  6. Order CAP 5K t-shirts if you would like to sell them or include them with registration cost.
  7. Find a local running store in your town that would be willing to time your event – usually the price is minimal but do your research. I used Valley Forge Running Company in our town.
  8. Get people to donate water, snacks, pretzels – anything you can think of that can be served after the run.
  9. Set up a water station (optional) – 1 halfway thru the race and 1 at the end of the race. Purchase plastic cups. Have at least two volunteers that can handle these water stations during run.
  10. Start registration to hand out the bibs 1 hour before race start to make it a smooth process. Have many volunteers to handle this as well as handing out the t-shirts.
  11. Make sure you can get a megaphone to use so runners can hear you.
  12. Have balloons so people know where to begin race and where to park.

CAP Silent Auction

Guidelines for a silent auction:

Depending on the size of your event you may want to have a Chairperson and then have committees under a Committee Head who can work with the event Chairperson. The following is a possible list of Committees and their responsibilities:

Goals and Finance: Create a budget. Include all forecasted expenses and income. Keep records of all actual expenses and income and compare to your budget at the end of your event.

Secretarial/Administration: Decide on event times and cost per person and schedule meetings with committees to keep everyone on track until event. Decide how you will advertise event.

Design: Create theme and design invitation.

Sponsorships: Create a list of businesses or people (friends, family) who have a company that may sponsor this event. Send out a letter and follow up.

Donations: Send out a donation request letter to business’ for your silent auction 3 months prior to event date. Keep track on a monthly, then weekly basis of value of your gifts received. (This is great history to have if you repeat your event the following year,)

Auction: Determine how to display your auction items (booths, tables, etc). Work closely with Donations Committee to determine how many gifts per area. As you receive gifts, number them with a tag and keep track of which booth or table they will be placed at. Use bid slips for guests to use for bidding at the event and then use bid slips to place on winning items and for check out.

Get volunteers to help the night of the event. Create a volunteer schedule for registration, auction areas, raffles, runners to close auction areas and check out.

Mail your invitations 1 month prior to event. Keep track on a weekly basis of RSVPs and daily the week of your event. (Again, this is very nice to have if you repeat your event)

Decorating: After theme is created determine decorations. Do you need to rent tables, chairs and linens?

Entertainment: Band, DJ, Raffles (keep track of each raffle’s money separately from auctions so you can determine if raffles were successful.

Food and Refreshment: Caterer, Alcohol, Water, Coffee, Dessert

Check out: Very important. You need a smooth check out. Create a system that after an auction station closes you have a location to put the items. Bid slips can be placed in an alphabetized order by winners name. Winners can go to this area, request items, bid slips go to a runner who gets the item(s), and winner moves to check out to pay. Do you need to rent charge machines or get an app for your phone or tablet?

Clean up: Create list of responsibilities for those who are cleaning up after the event. For example, do any rentals items need to be returned? Trash thrown out? List what to do with any remaining auction items that were not picked up or were not bid on. Please contact for sample letters, bid slips, or invitations.

CAP Kid Appeal

An easy way to fundraise for CAP is to participate in our annual CAP Kid Appeal. All you have to do is go to and share the link on social media and email. To start a fundraiser, create one at on Facebook at Add info to it and send it out to others! All appeal monies go to keeping CAP Kids free at Alopeciapalooza!

All funds raised for CAP are used for the following programs for children with alopecia and their families:

  • Support group meeting across the country and around the world
  • Alopeciapalooza in Pennsylvania, Calipalooza in California, our international camps for children with alopecia and their families
  • CAP Kid Camps in Colorado, Washington State, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, and Indiana
  • CAP Kid Library Program through which CAP is donating books about alopecia to the school libraries of children in our support group
  • CAP2U Tours where the founder, Jeff Woytovich speaks to schools around the country
  • CAP5K run and walk events
  • CAP Kid Connections Program through which CAP connects children with alopecia with support groups and/or other CAP Kids in their area
  • An interactive website, which brings together parents across the country and world whose children have been diagnosed with alopecia
  • CAP Outreach Program through which CAP sends brochures about CAP and alopecia to dermatologists, schools, and families in an effort to educate the public about alopecia