Staff and Board of Directors

//Staff and Board of Directors
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Jeff Woytovich


Jeff founded the Children’s Alopecia Project when Maddie, Jeff’s 2nd oldest daughter, lost her hair to Alopecia.

Jason Hoffman

Chairman of the Board

Jason has two sons living with alopecia, Owen and Patrick.

Beth Breslow


Beth is a wife and mother of two as well as a financial professional. Her youngest daughter, Melaina has Alopecia.

Christine Cieplinski

Vice Chair

Christine is a masters level therapist devoted to children and organizations.

Ashlee Crump


 Is a resident of Berks county with her loving husband Shane, and energetic boxer, Gretal.  With over 15 years of experience in the field of dentistry, she loves helping others achieve a beautiful smile, and enjoys staying active in the dental community. 

Magda Vincente

Board Member

Magda is a human resource professional and has a daughter, Emily, living with Alopecia.

Steve Schwartz

Board Member

Steve has a daughter with Alopecia and has been on the board since the beginning years.

Jeffrey Miller, MD.

Medical Director

Kevin Kinnan, Esq.

CAP Legal Advisor

Kevin is an attorney in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and is the dad of CAP Kid, Cole.