Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the Children’s Alopecia Project, (CAP)?
A: We are the only 501(c) 3 non-profit devoted specifically to helping children living with the hair-loss disease, alopecia areata.   We do so by raising awareness about alopecia, providing support for children and their families, and building self-esteem in children living with alopecia.

Q: Where does the money go?
A: Funds are used for the following:
– Alopeciapalooza our large annual international camps for children with alopecia and their families as well as our regional CAP Kid Camps held in California, Colorado, Washington State, Texas, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and North Carolina where all kids and teens attend for free and we have never said no if a family could not attend because of financial problems
– CAP2U Speaking Tours where we speak at up to 80 schools and locations utilizing our CAP Kid Library Program, through which CAP is donating books about alopecia to a child with alopecia to donate to their school library
– Program through which CAP connects children with alopecia with support groups and/or other CAP Kids and mentors in their area
–  An interactive website, blog, podcast, and social media platforms, which brings together parents across the country and world whose children have been diagnosed with alopecia
– CAP Outreach Program through which CAP sends brochures about CAP and alopecia to dermatologists, schools, and families in an effort to educate the public about alopecia

Q: How can I start a CAP event in my area?
A: Simply call us at (610) 468-1011 for more details. Once you registered, you will be provided with all the tools necessary to plan a successful event including guides that will help you break the process down into simple steps. The most critical ingredients for a successful event are
1. An easy-to-find or well-known location in your community
2. A date and time that makes it easy for community members to turn out
3. Willing volunteers to help you!

Q: How can I donate?
A: Make your check payable to “CAP” and mail it to:
Children’s Alopecia Project, Inc. 906 Penn Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610
or Visa, MC, AmEx, or Discover at  DONATION

Q: What else does the Children’s Alopecia Project need?
A: CAP endeavors to keep all expenses to an absolute minimum. As such, we welcome gifts of office supplies, current model computers and other technical equipment, software, premium items such as event t-shirts and other giveaway items, as well as in-kind services. These include but are not limited to publicity, printing, technical support, legal services, and all other professional services. We also welcome sponsors who are willing to make donations to underwrite any expenses or growth opportunities that can help CAP grow and thrive.

Q: How did CAP get started?
A: The Woytovich Family started CAP when their daughter Maddie (then 5) was diagnosed with alopecia.   They could not find a support group specifically for kids with alopecia. They were interviewed about this in the local newspaper and based on the overwhelming response and with the help of family and friends started the Children’s Alopecia Project.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: To protect your privacy, the Children’s Alopecia Project does not sell, rent, exchange, or otherwise share information about donors or other participants with any other organization or individual.

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