Francie Puts On Her Courage by Betsy Woytovich

Francie is your everyday 6th grader who loves basketball and excels in art when suddenly her hair starts to fall out. As she deals with her diagnosis of Alopecia and the stigma of being different in middle school, Francie’s journey becomes difficult at times. But with help from her best friend Livy, her parents and sister, Francie finds support, discovers an unrevealed talent, and eventually feels strong enough to put on her courage!

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Octagon lady
David A. Jones
Josie Waldman
Great book for kids and even adults to learn to embrace others who may seem different! Francie is challenged with Alopecia at a young age and learns to not only accept it but become confident because of it. The author takes us through Francie’s story of diagnosis, dealing with bullying and stares, and finally the courage to welcome her new beautiful appearance. Definitely a must-read and should be in all school libraries!
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J. A.
This is a very accurate story about a family dealing with Alopecia, you could replace the Alopecia with other ailments and still a great book with great messages that won’t be forgotten.