People you see as broken records will continue to promote their passions and purpose on earth because sometimes people hear it and react but mostly, they don’t. It’s at these times when people with purpose say it again because to them, to me, there must be a reason for all those crickets chirping in the background!

I personally make no apologies for my passions and my purpose. I shout it out because I believe in it and want others to do the same. Why? Because, it’s what I do!!

So, the next time you see a post, look at it. Watch it. Understand it and then make the decision if you want more or no more!

Ignoring a broken record does not make it stop playing. Lighten up and enjoy it and become involved and if you can’t, send it forward to others who may! If you want nothing to do with it, let me or them know. I only want people to drink the Kool-Aid if it’s their choice, I just play the records…..


Jeff Woytovich, Founder, President & CEO

Children’s Alopecia Project, Inc – 906 Penn Avenue – Wyomissing, PA 19610