Rejuvenate Your Family With a Healthy Lifestyle
That Doesn’t Break the Bank

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to forget to put your health first. Your family may move from one event to the next, dealing with work, school, and extra-curricular stress. When you have a child with alopecia, the stress increases as you try to care for your child while ensuring he or she lives a happy, healthy life.

One major misconception about a healthy lifestyle is that it is always expensive. However, this is far from the truth. Fortunately, there are ways you can cut costs and help your family grow into a more healthy unit. The Children’s Alopecia Project explains how.

Start With Healthy Eating

Kids with alopecia may require a diet full of fresh foods like walnuts and sweet potatoes. Walnuts are full of omega 3-fatty acids, biotin, and vitamin E. Nutrients that block UV rays and protect the hair can benefit your child’s overall wellness and appearance. Not to mention, when people eat healthily, they feel better too.

Your whole family can benefit from eating better. If you worry about the costs, try to eat in-season produce. When you eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, they tend to cost less. Likewise, look for generic brands of healthy options.

Plan your meals so you do not have to worry about eating out at restaurants or buying expensive food because you do not know what to cook at home. Weekly meal prep can also make sure you have an easier time getting dinner on the table during hectic weeks.

Give Mental Health the Attention It Deserves

Children and teens with alopecia tend to have lower self-esteem than their peers. They may have more concern over their appearance and worry about looking different from their friends and others at school. According to experts, you can help boost your child’s self-esteem by helping them do new things that help challenge them productively.

Focus on your kids’ strengths and try to insist that they continue to develop them. Take family trips outdoors as often as possible. The outdoors benefits all people who experience depression and anxiety. People who spend more time online or indoors tend to suffer from poor mental health compared to those who spend time in green spaces. Some affordable ways to have fun outside include starting a family garden or packing a picnic in the park.

Become More Active As a Family

Start to go out more as a family. Go for family walks or bike rides to burn calories and gain endurance. Start practicing yoga or going on treasure hunts with your kids to keep the activities fun. Every day you should all spend time together being active.

Monetize Your Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to make money with a healthy lifestyle, start a marketing blog about money-saving wellness tips, sell sports gear or open a yoga studio with your family. To start a business, make sure you have a business plan that describes your business structure, services, and the funding you need for your project.

Additionally, make sure you know how to collect payments from clients accurately. Use an invoice generator that offers free templates to create a professional-looking invoice. You can search online through an assortment of templates and customize them with your brand colors, logo, and other important information.

An active lifestyle filled with good nutrition and a positive outlook on mental health can change your family’s lives. You do not have to spend money at the gym or buy the most expensive food to fill your fridge. Instead, making small changes in your life can increase your overall health. Eat healthy foods, stay active together, focus on mental health and maybe even monetize your healthy habits. With these tips, you can find health and rejuvenation for the whole family.

By Brad Krause for the Children’s Alopecia Project