How to De-Stress Your Home (2023 Guide)

Amanda LutzMay 23, 2023, from Architectural Digest
Black retro typewriter on a unique wooden desk, a mid-century modern chair and a renovated bookcase in a home office interior.

We’re more stressed than ever. According to the American Psychological Association, more than a quarter of adults report being too stressed to function. We’ve heard of the best practices to manage our stress (like eating well, exercising, and incorporating self-care into our daily routine), but have you considered whether your “home sweet home” contributes to your overwhelm?

“Many people underestimate the palpable link between their physical space and their mental well-being,” says Amy Bloomer, who has a master’s degree in organizational psychology and is a professional organizer and founder of Let Your Space Bloom. “The key is to create a space you adore, which inspires you to be the person you want to be.”

Fortunately, you can de-stress your home without sacrificing your personality, style, or precious time. The goal is to create a tranquil and therapeutic environment to help you recharge after a long day. With the help of psychologists, interior designers, and other experts, here are tried-and-true tips to turn any space into your personal sanctuary.

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