You might be wondering why we added two new programs. Here are the details as to why.

I am sure most of you have heard by now about Rio, the little girl in Indiana who had alopecia and suffered from being bullied, and last week committed suicide. Although we did not personally know Rio or her family, it is devastating for our CAP family and community. It has left us wishing we had had the opportunity to help Rio and her family.

In memory of Rio, I would like to make every effort to ensure that no child with alopecia ever feels alone or hopeless again. So, we set up a support system called “CAP Cares” through which our speakers, mentors, parents, and CAP Kid alumni can be available for any CAP Kid who needs us, whether that be through an in-person visit, a phone call, a visit to their school or an ongoing check-in system. I can’t be in multiple locations at a moment’s notice, but if you are part of CAP Cares and around the CAP Kid in need, you will be making a huge difference.

In addition to this support system, I would like to request that you help be a voice for the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP) so that every child and family who potentially needs our service will know about CAP. As you all know, Awareness has always been my main concern, and it is my goal that everyone knows what alopecia is and that the Children’s Alopecia Project is here to help. I am also developing a letter to send to school districts so that they too know we are here for any student in their school with alopecia.

Thank you for all you do to support CAP and children with alopecia. We can make a difference for all CAP Kids, the ones we know and those we haven’t met yet!

If a parent, CAP Kid, or any family member needs someone to talk with, go to


We try very hard to raise funds every year to ensure that all CAP Kids and their siblings under six can attend all camps and Alopeciapalooza for free. We started “Fill the CAP Giving Day” to coincide with our day for the kids, “Children with Alopecia Pay.”

This is not CAP trying to get more from the generosity most of you already show to us throughout the year, and it’s another tool for us to raise Awareness and find others who need help or would like to help us.

Thank you all, and take care.


Jeff Woytovich (CAP)